I think the project That got to me the most was Brittany. I really didn’t know what Asexuality was. When I heard of it in humans and read 2 things about it. One was they preferred the cake which made me think it was a choice. The other was due to they didn’t they would want to be in a relationship. I thought sex drive and relationship where the same thing, but as soon as she said she was in one and wanted.. well opened my eyes.

A year ago my Girl friend told me she never wanted to have sex. I agreed we should wait till we were married. She sounded dis-pointed in that answer. She then went on to explain that she didn’t like me in that way. She seen I was concerned and she then tried to explain that she still loved me. She didn’t understand it either. I told we are not even engaged and all that’s in the future. Maybe she was scared and needed to warm up to the idea, but for now not to worry about it. I plan to talked to her today about this. I’m pretty sure this is information she needs to see. If she is asexual then this will allow both of us to understand it and find a way to make this relationship work for the long term. I feel this will not change much in the relationship. I do feel bad for disregarding what she said. I took for granted I knew more about her than she did, and an apologize maybe in order. I will update this once I know.


She is

I feel this proves how brave people are. No would have to know she was any different but know she can be more conformable being her self and at least taught me this is a thing and helped me understand this .  As I been stating Fear seems to limit our knowledge and by Brittany Facing it she enlightened me.